Modern European restaurants in Paris

10th arrondissement

Chez Prune (Modern European)
Le Poisson Rouge (Modern European)
Ploum (Modern European)

13th arrondissement

Café Fusion (Modern European)
Djoon (Modern European)

17th arrondissement

Epicure 108 (Modern European)
Taïra (Modern European)

18th arrondissement

La Famille (Modern European)

1st arrondissement

Costes (Modern European)
Le Fumoir (Modern European)
Rouge Saint Honore (Modern European)
Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx (Modern European)

2nd arrondissement

Etienne Marcel (Modern European)

4th arrondissement

Georges (Modern European)

6th arrondissement

Le Carre de Marguerite (Modern European)
Ze Kitchen Galerie (Modern European)

7th arrondissement

Cook Book (Modern European)
Le Chamarré (Modern European)

8th arrondissement

Ailleurs (Modern European)
B*fly (Modern European)
Le Berkeley (Modern European)
Le Relais Plaza (Modern European)
Market (Modern European)
Pershing Hall (Modern European)
R.Café (Modern European)
Spoon, Food & Wine (Modern European)
Zo (Modern European)

9th arrondissement

Barramundi (Modern European)
L'Auberge du Clou (Modern European)
No Stress Café (Modern European)
Paris 9 (Modern European)


Le Mandalay (Modern European)
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