Japanese restaurants in Paris

10th arrondissement

Nanashi (Paradis) (Japanese)

11th arrondissement

Momiji (Japanese)
Tokyo (Japanese)

16th arrondissement

Matsuri (Japanese)
Ozu (Japanese)
The Place (Japanese)

17th arrondissement

Wada (Japanese)
Zenzan (Japanese)

18th arrondissement

Taka (Japanese)

1st arrondissement

Foujita (Japanese)
Foujita (Japanese)
Higuma (Japanese)
Kinugawa (Japanese)
Matsuri (Japanese)

2nd arrondissement

Isse (Japanese)
Japonese Bistro (Japanese)
Oïshi (Japanese)

3rd arrondissement

Nanashi (Charlot) (Japanese)

4th arrondissement

Isami (Japanese)
Takami (Japanese)

5th arrondissement

Inagiku (Japanese)

6th arrondissement

Azabu (Japanese)
Nanashi (Tournon) (Japanese)
Orient-Extrême (Japanese)
Tsukizi (Japanese)
Yen (Japanese)

8th arrondissement

Kaïten (Japanese)
Kiyomizu (Japanese)
Lo Sushi (Japanese)

9th arrondissement

Momoka (Japanese)
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