French restaurants in Paris

10th arrondissement

Abri (French)
Baxo (French)
Bizz'Art (French)
Brasserie Flo (French)
Chez Michel (French)
Hotel du Nord (French)
Le Chabrol (French)
Le Chansonnier (French)
Le Dellys (French)
Le Prestige (French)
Les Strapontins (French)
Maceo (French)
Philou (French)

11th arrondissement

Angkora Lounge (French)
Barracao (French)
Cafe Fusain (French)
Cafe Seraphin (French)
Candide (French)
La Baraque (French)
La Cuizine (French)
La Dame Brune (French)
La Main d'Or (French)
La Pata Krep' (French)
La Pharmacie (French)
L'Aiguiere (French)
L'Auberge Flora (French)
Le 6 Paul Bert (French)
Le Bercail (French)
Le Chaudron (French)
Le Cru Rollin (French)
Le Souplex (French)
Le Villaret (French)
Les Bas Fonds (French)
Les Fernandises (French)
Les Fontaines (French)
OHLALA! (French)
Purple (French)
Rouge Lime (French)
Septime (French)
Waly - Fay (French)

12th arrondissement

12 Aime (French)
A La Fregate (French)
Au Trou Gascon (French)
Cafe Barjot (French)
Chai 33 (French)
L'Apprenti (French)
Le Dauphine (French)
Le Sulky (French)
Le Train Bleu (French)
Le Viaduc Café (French)
Le Vinea Café (French)
L'encrier (French)
Les Agapes (French)
Les Associes (French)
Les Zygomates (French)
L'Europeen (French)
L'Oulette (French)
O Philos' Off (French)
O Rebelle (French)
O'You (French)

13th arrondissement

Anacréon (French)
Bioart (French)
Fil'O'Fromage (French)
La Girondine (French)
La Playa (French)
L'Aimant du Sud (French)
L'Avant Gout (French)
L'Ourcine (French)
Restaurant A6O9 (French)
Variations (French)

14th arrondissement

Au Bretzel (French)
Au Moulin Vert (French)
Bistro T (French)
Ciel de Paris (French)
Cobea (French)
Justine (French)
La Grande Ourse (French)
La Mere Agitee (French)
La Petite Toque (French)
L'Amuse Bouche (French)
Le Petit Broc (French)
Le Wenge (French)
L'Opportun (French)
Millesimes 62 (French)

15th arrondissement

Autour de ... (French)
Bermuda Onion (French)
Bernard du 15 (French)
Fleur de Sel (French)
La Cocotte (French)
La Flambee (French)
La Gitane (French)
La Grande Rue (French)
L'Alchimie (French)
L'Archelle (French)
L'Avel (French)
Le Bec Rouge (French)
Le Gastroquet (French)
Le Granite (French)
Le Père Claude (French)
Le Petel (French)
Le Sept Quinze (French)
Le Triporteur (French)
L'Epopee (French)
Les Colock (French)
L'Os à Moëlle (French)
Marc (French)
Marquis (French)
R. (French)
Toit de Paris (French)
Yves Quintard (French)

16th arrondissement

182 Rive Droite (French)
6 New York (French)
Akrame (French)
Auberge Lembert (French)
Bagatelle (French)
Brindille (French)
Cristal Room (French)
Jamin (French)
K'Fe Court (French)
La Gare (French)
La Petite Tour (French)
L'Abeille (French)
L'Acajou (French)
L'Arc (French)
L'Astrance (French)
L'Auberge Dab (French)
Le Brandevin (French)
Le Galion (French)
Le Kiosque (French)
Le Living (French)
Le Mathusalem (French)
Le Metropolitan (French)
Le Mouton Blanc (French)
Le Murat (French)
Le Pergolèse (French)
Le Pre Catelan (French)
Le Stella (French)
Les 2 Etangs (French)
Les Arts (French)
Les Tablettes (French)
L'Ogre (French)
Musee du Vin (French)
Natachef (French)
Passiflore (French)
Paul Chêne (French)
Prunier (French)
Sir Winston (French)
Tokyo Eat (French)
Waknine (French)
Zebra Square (French)

17th arrondissement

Agape (French)
Amphyclès (French)
Apicius (French)
Apicius (French)
Aristide (French)
Bigarrade (French)
Bistro Melrose (French)
Bubune (French)
Cafe Pierre (French)
Canard (French)
Chez Georges (French)
Chez Mathilde (French)
Dix Sept (French)
Esens'All (French)
Guy Savoy (French)
La Braisière (French)
La Soupière (French)
La Toque (French)
L'Accolade (French)
L'Ampère (French)
L'Ane Rouge (French)
L'Astrée (French)
Le Bistral (French)
Le Bistrot Niel (French)
Le Cosy (French)
Le Meating (French)
Le Meli (French)
Le P'tit Musset (French)
Le Sud (French)
Le Why Not (French)
Les Béatilles (French)
L'Impatient (French)
L'Orenoc (French)
Michel Rostang (French)
Ripaille (French)
Tante Jeanne (French)
Villa Pereire (French)
Wagon Bleu (French)

18th arrondissement

Casa Lola (French)
Chez Grisette (French)
Chez Ma Cousine (French)
Chez Papa 18 (French)
La Mascotte (French)
La Piscine (French)
La Popote du 18 (French)
La Terrasse (French)
Le Bon Bock (French)
Le Coq Rico (French)
Le Diapason (French)
Le Doudingue (French)
Le Grand 8 (French)
Le Preum's (French)
L'Entre Deux (French)
L'Oxalis (French)
O.J. Restaurant (French)

19th arrondissement

La Lanterne (French)
La Pelouse (French)
La Violette (French)
Le 31 (French)
Le Laumière (French)
Le Meltin' (French)
Le Sari (French)
My Boat (French)
Pavillon Puebla (French)

1st arrondissement

Atelier Moliere (French)
Au Gourmand (French)
Aux Bons Crus (French)
Aux Deux Ecus (French)
Bar Vendôme (French)
Cafe Marly (French)
Camelia (French)
Chacha Club (French)
Chez Flottes (French)
Chez la Vieille (French)
Chez Pauline (French)
Chez Yolaine (French)
Colette (French)
Costes (French)
Dupont Cafe (French)
I Love Opera (French)
Kei (French)
La Dame de Pic (French)
L'Absinthe (French)
Le Dali (French)
Le Dauphin (French)
Le Grand Vefour (French)
Le Lamfe (French)
Le Meurice (French)
Le Poquelin (French)
Le Ragueneau (French)
Le Saut du Loup (French)
Le Soufflé (French)
Le Toupary (French)
L'Espadon (French)
Marc Mitonne (French)
Nomad's (French)
O Chateau (French)
O'Gamines (French)
Paris en Scene (French)
Paul (French)
Pinxo (French)
Point Bar (French)
Spring (French)
Tadoussac (French)
Vivant Table (French)
Yam'Tcha (French)

20th arrondissement

Aux Troubadours (French)
Le Boucl'art (French)
Les Allobroges (French)
Roseval (French)

2nd arrondissement

Angl'Opera (French)
Aux Lyonnais (French)
Bon 2 (French)
Carte Sur Table (French)
Chez Georges (French)
Chez Papa (French)
Dalva (French)
Depur (French)
Drouant (French)
Gallopin (French)
Happy Days (French)
Hollywood Savoy (French)
It Place (French)
La Belle Epoque (French)
L'Ami Georges (French)
Le Celadon (French)
Le Mellifère (French)
Le Mesturet (French)
Le Park (French)
Le Point Zero (French)
Le Press Cafe (French)
Le Vaudeville (French)
Les Alchimistes (French)
Les Troubadours (French)
New Mitonne (French)
Noglu (French)
Press Café (French)
Ratatouille (French)
Royal Vendome (French)
Shake Eat (French)
Tony's (French)

3rd arrondissement

50 Zinc (French)
Au Bascou (French)
Derriere (French)
Le Bouledogue (French)
Le Gayridon (French)
Le Hangar (French)
Le Réconfort (French)
Le Vernissoir (French)
Si (French)

4th arrondissement

Au Bougnat (French)
Au Vieux Paris (French)
Bel Canto (French)
Benoit (French)
Bofinger (French)
Café Beaubourg (French)
Dans le noir (French)
Hiramatsu (French)
La Maison Rouge (French)
L'Alivi (French)
L'Ambroisie (French)
Le Gaigne (French)
Le Renard (French)
L'Ébouillanté (French)
L'Excuse (French)
L'ilot Vache (French)
Yachts de Paris (French)

5th arrondissement

Au Port Salut (French)
ChantAirelle (French)
Dans Les Landes (French)
Koclico (French)
KOKONOR (French)
La Baleine (French)
La Bulle (French)
La Maree Verte (French)
La Savoyarde (French)
La Truffière (French)
Le Cosi (French)
Le Coupe-Chou (French)
Le Marsa (French)
Le Pré Verre (French)
Le Tourbillon (French)
Le Tournebievre (French)
Léna et Mimile (French)
Les Ronchons (French)
L'Escarmouche (French)
Maresco (French)
Perle de Thé (French)
Perraudin (French)
Réminet (French)
Sola (French)
Tugalik (French)

6th arrondissement

Alcazar (French)
Allard (French)
Au Saint Benoit (French)
Aux 2 Oliviers (French)
Café Médicis (French)
Cote Bergamote (French)
Jacques Cagna (French)
La Boussole (French)
La Cafetière (French)
La Lozère (French)
La Marlotte (French)
L'Abri Cotier (French)
Laperouse (French)
Le Bélier (French)
Le Caméléon (French)
Le Christine (French)
Le Nemrod (French)
Le Paris (French)
Le Procope (French)
Le Temps Perdu (French)
Restaurant Boo (French)
Seraphin (French)
Wadja (French)

7th arrondissement

58 Tour Eiffel (French)
Altitude 95 (French)
Androuët (French)
Bistro Parisien (French)
Chez Francoise (French)
Chez L'Ami Jean (French)
Chez les Anges (French)
Chez Pierrot (French)
Delicabar (French)
Don Camilo (French)
La Cuisine (French)
La Folle Avoine (French)
La Fregate (French)
L'Agassin (French)
L'Arpege (French)
Le 7eme Vin (French)
Le Bamboche (French)
Le Basilic (French)
Le Bellecour (French)
Le Clarisse (French)
Le Jules Verne (French)
Le Maupertu (French)
Le Montalembert (French)
Le Petit Nicois (French)
Le Poulpry (French)
Le Square (French)
Le Telegraphe (French)
Les Botanistes (French)
Les Ministeres (French)
Les Olivades (French)
Nabuchodonosor (French)
Thoumieux (French)
Truffes Folies (French)

8th arrondissement

114 Faubourg (French)
1728 (French)
Bio Sphere Cafe (French)
Cafe Faubourg (French)
Café M (French)
Casa Del Fox (French)
Cat Corner (French)
Chez Catherine (French)
Chiberta (French)
Citrus Etoile (French)
Epicure (French)
Flora (French)
Fouquet's (French)
Hédiard (French)
Hemisphere (French)
La Biscotte (French)
La Lorraine (French)
La Place (French)
La Suite (French)
L'Alsace (French)
L'Appart (French)
L'Arome (French)
Lasserre (French)
L'Astor (French)
Laurent (French)
L'Avenue (French)
Lavinia (French)
Le 39V (French)
Le Bouco (French)
Le Cap Vernet (French)
Le Cinq (French)
Le Clovis (French)
Le Clovis (French)
Le Diane (French)
Le Jardin (French)
Le Lido (French)
Le M64 (French)
Le Madeleine C (French)
Le Percolateur (French)
Le Roosevelt (French)
Le Sarladais (French)
Le W (French)
Ledoyen (French)
L'Envue (French)
L'Etoile (French)
L'Obe (French)
Lucas Carton (French)
Maison Blanche (French)
Maxim's (French)
Pergola Lounge (French)
Pierre Gagnaire (French)
Pomze (French)
Prosper (French)
R Café (French)
Restaurant Toi (French)
Royce (French)
Rue Balzac (French)
San Regis (French)
Senderens (French)
Sens (French)
Senso (French)
Stella Maris (French)
Taillevent (French)
Tante Louise (French)
Tico (French)
Villa d'Este (French)
Villa Spicy (French)
Virgin Café (French)
W Restaurant (French)

9th arrondissement

Art Bistro (French)
Au Zaganin (French)
Auberge et Cie (French)
Café Flo (French)
Casa Olympe (French)
Charlot (French)
Chartier (French)
Chez Georgette (French)
Chez Jean (French)
Clipperton (French)
Contrecarrer (French)
Crown Club (French)
Gi'Raf le Resto (French)
La Boule Rouge (French)
L'Accoudoir (French)
L'Alsaco (French)
Le Brigadier (French)
Le Cafe Lumiere (French)
Le Charlain (French)
Le Corail (French)
Le Grand B (French)
Le Grand Cafe (French)
Le Jardinier (French)
Le Privilege (French)
Le Richer (French)
Les Bacchantes (French)
Les Comediens (French)
Les Coulisses (French)
Respec'Table (French)
Resto'bus (French)


Le Camélia (French)


Le River Cafe (French)


Garcon Cafe (French)
Les Magnolias (French)


A Table (French)
Anatole (French)


Tastevin (French)


Bar de la Mer (French)
La Truffe Noire (French)
L'Adresse (French)
Sebillon (French)


Maxim's (French)
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