Fish restaurants in Paris

14th arrondissement

La Cagouille (Fish)
Le Dôme (Fish)
Le Duc (Fish)

15th arrondissement

Le Quinson (Fish)

16th arrondissement

Le Bigorneau (Fish)
Marius (Fish)
Port Alma (Fish)

17th arrondissement

Dessirier (Fish)
L'Huîtrier (Fish)
Rech (Fish)

1st arrondissement

Goumard (Fish)

4th arrondissement

6th arrondissement

7th arrondissement

Le Divellec (Fish)
Les Glénan (Fish)
Petrossian (Fish)

8th arrondissement

Garnier (Fish)
La Luna (Fish)

9th arrondissement


Jarrasse (Fish)
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